Matte Lip Masterclass

Matte Lip Masterclass

Matte Lip Masterclass

What makes a matte lip so beloved is its soft, velvety finish and versatility. Whether you’re into a minimal makeup look or going for bold, a matte lip can offer a soft finish in a wide range of colors. Executing a perfect matte pout can be tricky to master, but with my tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to a beautiful matte lip with real staying power.

Matte Lip Masterclass Essentials
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Prep Your Pout

Lips are like canvases. A masterpiece begins by priming the canvas before applying the first brushstroke. Similarly, priming your lips begins with exfoliation. Before wearing a matte lip, I start by exfoliating the lips with a homemade sugar scrub. It’s imperative that dead skin is removed. I opt for a DIY lip scrub because it’s easy to make and is all-natural. 

Recipe for Photo-Ready Lips

To make an all-natural lip scrub, all you need is sugar and manuka honey. I like to use organic raw sugar or monk fruit, a sugar alternative. You want the sugar granules to be fine enough to exfoliate effectively, so I grind the granules with a mortar and pestle.

Next, I add manuka honey. I don’t use exact measurements, but a 2:1 ratio is a great metric for the amount of sugar and honey to mix together. Manuka honey is extremely hydrating and contains anti-inflammatory properties, which come in handy after gentle exfoliation. Scoop a pea-sized amount of lip scrub to the back of your hand using a clean spatula. Apply the lip scrub using your fingers and gently massage in a circular motion. Wipe away any excess with a cloth, or if you’re up for something sweet, just lick it off your lips.

Master Moisturized Lips

To give lips a double dose of moisture, I enjoy using Veloutée Complexe from In Fiore. Their collagen-boosting formula penetrates to deliver instant hydration, which is crucial for a matte lip that lasts throughout the day. By creating a deep moisture barrier, it prevents lip color from receding into lip crevices.

Before applying lip color, I lightly dust the lips with arrowroot powder. Rich in nutrients, arrowroot powder helps to hold your lip color in place. You can purchase arrowroot powder at your local health food store, however, if you’re having difficulty finding it, you can use an alternative face powder of your choice

Stay in Line

To define your lips, don’t skip the lip liner. I recommend Lip Definer from Victoria Beckham Beauty. For a nude or natural matte lip, I prefer to use a shade that matches your lip color. For bold pops of color such as red, orange, and fuschia, opt for a lip pencil that matches your desired lip color. Last, but not least, add your favorite shade of lipstick. Reapply as desired. 

CC Tip: I prefer not to line your lips to the outside corners of the upper or lower lip. I stop midway,  then buff out the liner to meet the ends. This gives a softer, blurred effect.


Matte Lip Recap

The key to mastering a velvety matte lip is to start with exfoliation and natural moisture. Before applying lip color, create a base by using arrowroot powder. Then line the lips and add color. Et voilà, a perfect matte lip to complement your fabulous smile!


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