Ode to Ion

Ode to Ion

After years of working as a professional makeup artist, and then nearly a decade developing clean makeup and skincare products, I’ve evolved to have very picky preferences when it comes to what I put on my skin. It’s truly a hobby of mine to try and test new clean beauty and wellness products, and it’s rare that I find a line of products that I deem absolutely essential to my everyday wellbeing…that is, until I found ION*. 

Years ago, a functional medicine doctor I was seeing first turned me on to ION*… this was back when the product was called Restore. Since then, they’ve undergone a name change and transitioned to more sustainable packaging, but the formula and function has remained the same.

ION* products are liquid mineral supplements designed to help with redox signaling in our bodies. All of our cells communicate via the transfer of electrons via a redox cycle. Our bodies, specifically our skin, gut, and sinuses are exposed to so many toxins that dampen these processes… and that’s where ION* comes in. The ION* products aid in strengthening and maintaining tight-binding junctions of cells and in repairing the gut lining. This creates a domino effect of good health, promoting immune function, mental clarity, and digestive wellness. (More on the science at the end of this post.)

ION* products are vital to maintaining my health and protecting my body.  They are my first line of defense in supporting my overall health and wellness, allowing me to thrive.  With each spritz and spray, I’ve created a ritual that helps to treat my body with the reverence and care it deserves. 

ION* Skin Support spray defends against toxins and facilitates microbial connection, helping to reduce redness and signs of skin damage while also encouraging skin to breathe and glow. 

This product contains their innovative humic extract blend extract (from ancient soil) which includes bacterial metabolites and a variety of trace minerals and amino acids. It’s packed with silicon and copper gluconate, both of which help promote the production of collagen and elastin, helping with firmness and smoothness, as well as general skin, hair, and bone health. There is zinc gluconate, which helps regulate the immune response on the skin, and magnesium citrate which aids in strengthening our natural moisture barrier.  

Skin Support helps defend against toxins by maintaining the tight junctions in the skin, supports a healthy response to the sun by lowering the amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that result from exposure to UVB rays, and improves overall skin hydration by supporting your microbiome. 

This spray has become an integral part of my skincare routine over the past few years. I have a spray bottle in every room: my bathroom, office, kitchen and even one in the cupholder of my truck.I love to spray this all over my body after every bath or shower, as well as all over my face after every face wash to help with redness and signs of skin damage.  I’m also continually spritzing throughout the day to help with overall skin hydration. Another function of Skin Support is to promote a healthy sun response. I don’t go outside without first giving myself a good spritzing.

ION* Gut Support is a mineral supplement supports gut/brain health and acts as a shield against glyphosate and other environmental toxins by restoring the functionality of the gut lining and microbial environment. Like the other products, it’s all natural and soil derived; it goes beyond probiotics to defend you from environmental toxins and diversify your gut microbiome naturally. 

My mornings usually start with a cup of tea, and as I’m letting my water heat up, I take my daily dose of Gut Support. I’ve held onto a small matcha tea cup from one of my coveted trips to Japan which now lives on my kitchen counter next to the Gut Support. I love this tiny vessel, and it’s become an integral part of my morning ritual. If the glass goes missing or moves, so does the habit of taking Gut Support. Habits are as easily broken as they are to make. (So find yourself a tiny cup!) 

ION* Sinus Support is a non-habit forming and all natural nasal spray, facilitating the innate connection between you and your microbiome. This helps to soothe and protect your nasal passages while also allowing you to breathe clearly and maintain natural hydration. This product is similar in makeup to the Gut Support, but is made to coat the nasal passages, where the gut lining actually begins.

I keep my bottle of Sinus Support on my bedside table, and every morning just as I’m starting my day, I give myself two big spritzes, one in each nostril. Good morning, world! 

Our gut lining starts in the nose, and the Sinus Support helps to shield you from the environmental toxins we are continually breathing in,as well as cleansing your sinus pathways. Like the other ION* products, I always bring this one along when traveling. 

Use code CHRISTY15 if you decide to add any of these products to your lineup for 15% off. (Thanks, ION*!)

More on the Science of ION*

Redox signaling is complex. Read below for more information. There’s lots to learn.

Think of ION* as an extremely intelligent transporter that works at a cellular level. ION* isn’t adding anything, it’s facilitating partnership. 

The fulvate molecules in ION* are bacterial metabolites that chelate (bind) with minerals, amino acids, etc. to help transport them into cells where they are needed. Further, fulvate can remove what is not needed and even harmful in the cell and transport it out.  

Fulvate can even partner with metal ions. By promoting metal bridges between molecules, it encourages electron transfer both within and across molecules which helps facilitate the communication aspect of ION*– this is “redox signaling”. Encouraging cellular communication is truly profound, ultimately promoting innate cellular health. After all, a cell that can reach out and “ask” for what it needs will have an easier time getting it than a cell in isolation. 

ION* can also do things like donate electrons to free radicals (acting as an antioxidant), downregulate zonulin (the protein that weakens tight junctions), and diversify your gut microbiome by supporting the structure of your gut lining (where your microbiome lives).  

But the truly extraordinary thing about the “how” of ION*? It functions in all of these amazing ways inherently. 

Still want to learn more about redox signaling? More info here.


Discover why Christy Coleman swears by ION* for maintaining a healthy microbiome. This powerful liquid mineral supplement is sourced from soil and is an essential part of Coleman’s clean beauty skincare routine. Read the full post to learn “what is redox signalling” and what it has to do with gut health.