5 Wellness Must-Haves

5 Wellness Must-Haves

The Top 5 Wellness Must-Haves for a Healthy Mind and Body

The mantra of “health is wealth” is a mainstay on social media, morning news segments, and everyday conversation. Keeping our well-being running on all cylinders is more accessible than ever, but with the influx of wellness brands in the market, which ones are worth the hype? 

Putting my best foot forward each day comes from a combination of taking top-notch supplements, having a solid clean beauty routine in place, and taking time for myself. From teas to tinctures, here are five of my favorite wellness brands of the moment.

“Putting my best foot forward each day comes from a combination of taking top-notch supplements, having a solid clean beauty routine in place, and taking time for myself.”


We can learn a lot from Mother Nature. The premise that health can be synchronized through the plants and elements all around us is the grounding notion behind ION*, Intelligence of Nature. Founder and CEO, Dr. Zach Bush launched ION to maximize the health of our microbiome, not through prebiotic supplements, but through ancient soils. 

One of my favorite products, The ION* Complete Health Bundle, defends against environmental toxins with a three-part system that supports gut, sinus, and skin health.


The notion that food is medicine is the grounding philosophy behind the woman-founded wellness brand, Kroma. From lattes, elixirs, broths, and smoothies, health is achieved without compromising the joy of delicious food. 

My favorite product is the Signature 5-Day Reset. This reset includes 50 (yes, fifty) nutrient-dense teas, elixirs, and meals, as well as a 5-day booklet to guide you on your journey. 

My favorite part of the Kroma Reset was that it didn’t put my life on hold. I was able to maintain my normal routine without feeling deprived or depleted.


Cutting out coffee? Just drink mud. Curve your coffee cravings with MUD\WTR, a line of coffee alternative drink mixes that nix the joe. In its place, cozy up with a cup of organic, mushroom-based beverages that have adaptogenic and immune-supporting properties. The Mushroom Boost is Whole30 approved and boasts ingredients like Organic Chaga, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane.

In Fiore

An intriguing scent has the power to leave its signature long after you’ve left the room. When I discovered In Fiore, I was immediately entranced by the rich infusion of natural floral notes and the story behind the brand. Founded by Julie Elliott in 1999, In Fiore isn’t just a perfumery with a pretty face. Its focus on aromachology, the study of how fragrance and odors trigger a psychological response in humans, sets In Fiore apart. 

I love the In Fiore Essences, a limited edition collection of rollerballs. My favorite scents of the moment include Bois De Rose, which features a top note of Bulgarian Rose, and Kashmir Essence, whose central notes open with South Pacific Sandalwood. 

In Fiore’s tinctures are herbal supplements with flower essences. For optimal lymph function, I lean on Lâche-Lymphe’s potent concentration of Calendula, Echinacea, Butcher’s Broom, Cleaver’s herb extract, and flower essences. The line of tinctures includes Adapt’Âscend, which supports physical and mental stress relief, and Immun’Attune which supports the immune system.

Agent Nateur

When the mission is optimal health, you recruit your best agent. That’s why I love Agent Nateur’s line of holistic beauty products and supplements. Founded by Jena Covello, Agent Nateur is all-natural skincare and wellness that truly nourishes the mind and body. 

My favorite product is the Agent Nateur holi (mane) hair, skin, and nails daily supplement. Fortified with bioavailable amino acids, marine collagen, and pearl powder, I love adding a scoop to my morning blueberry smoothie! 

Wellness is not a privilege, but a right. However, it can be difficult to prioritize our health and wellness between our daily responsibilities and normal life stress. By finding products that support an established habit like coffee drinking or putting on makeup in the morning, and replacing it with healthy alternatives, you can take charge of your beauty and health and live well–pun fully intended! 


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