Warm vs. Cool Undertones

Determine your most flattering undertones using this 3-step method.

Blush Bliss

Discover the magic of blush, my go-to product for adding a subtle burst of color to everyday makeup looks.

Clean Up the Clutter

Expired makeup can wreak havoc on skin–but it doesn’t have to. Christy shares the when and why behind expired makeup.

Teen Makeup

A how-to guide to introduce teens to makeup & skincare with confidence and positivity as a foundation.

Skin Flooding

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Winter Blues

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My 2024 Goals and How I Plan to Achieve Them

The new year brings new goals and aspirations. My 2024 includes big plans and an even bigger calendar!

Sauna Health Benefits

The Health and Beauty Benefits of Infrared Saunas

The Latte Look

A Double Shot of Style For Your Fall Beauty Routine

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing benefits go way beyond smooth, glowing skin. Did you know that dry brushing supports lymphatic drainage?