Winter Blues

Best Products for Deep Winter

Winter Blues

Winter Blues Got You Down? Glow and Brighten Your Beauty Routine

Things I love about winter: the cool, crisp air, a glistening fire, ugg boots, and making memories with my family and friends and of course, my rescued deer, Levi. Things I do not love about winter: dehydrated skin and a lackluster glow. 

Over the years, I’ve developed my own dream team of products that live in my wintertime makeup bag. These formulas work their magic on nearly every skin type and complexion and deliver a well-rested, healthy brightening glow during the winter months. Want to know what’s inside my makeup bag? Here’s a peek inside my must-have products for combatting the winter blues. 

Best Products for Deep Winter

Laying the Groundwork

I’m a strong believer that moisturized skin is fundamental for achieving a natural, healthy, and flawless makeup look. During the winter months, exposure to heated air and fluctuating weather temperatures can dehydrate the skin. 

When moisture is a must, (which is always!) I reach for Beautycounter’s Counter Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence. This “facial in a bottle” delivers instant hydration thanks to its lightweight formula. I especially love how the Retinatural Complex, mineral-rich seawater, and a fermented blend of sugars work to revitalize and it renews and preps the skin for smooth makeup application or as a base for skin treatment after cleansing.

This Way for Supple Skin!

When I was at Beautycounter, the Glow First Priming Serum was one of my favorite products and an essential worker in my winter (and honestly, year-round) beauty kit. I designed it to deliver an authentic, luminous glow whether worn alone or with makeup. Under foundation, it helps to give skin a dewy radiance. This really is a product I am proud of having helped create. 

It goes the extra mile to prime skin and works to improve the appearance of dark spots over time. I especially am fond of the responsibly sourced mica that brightens and beautifies all skin tones. 

CC Tip: Wait around 15 to 30 seconds to allow the Glow First Priming Serum to dry down before applying your makeup. Its gel-like consistency will allow makeup to go on more evenly and smoothly.

Get a Little Cheeky!

Want to wake your skin from its winter slumber? A flush of color on the cheeks is a fabulous way to brighten up your face. The perfect shade of pink has a way of plumping the cheeks with a delicate pop that works for daily wear. 

My favorite blush from Beautycounter is the Cheeky Clean Cream Blush, especially the brilliant rosy shade of Lychee. I love the playfulness of Rosebud for medium skin tones and the warm crimson of Goji for darker skin tones. Full disclosure, I’ve used Goji on a number of occasions, even though I’d say my complexion is light to medium. I blend down the color to diffuse it for a natural flush. 

CC Tip: Cream blush is best applied to moisturized skin (unless you are very oily) or over your foundation. I like to use my ring finger to dab on or with a brush. “To “wake up” the skin, simply apply on the higher side of the cheekbone to give the illusion of a lift. If you applied a bit too much color, do not fear! Take your foundation sponge or brush and gently dab over the blush to “diffuse” it! Cream blush is VERY forgiving!

Lip Love

No winter beauty routine is complete without a plush pout. What I adore about In Fiore’s Veloutée Complexe is its dual-use formula – you can use it on your eyes as well. This formula penetrates the lips, hydrating from within. The unique texture creates skin barrier protection all while giving your eyes a healthy hydrating glow. I like to dab a little on my lips and around my orbital bone for a quick boost of radiance.

Go Bold with a Brow

When the winter season has my beauty routine singing the blues, I make a beeline to one of my favorite brow products, Kosas Air Brow-Tinted in Grey and Kosas Brow Pop in Grey . From the small spoolie tip to the rich pigmented formula, both the Air Brow-Tinted and the Brow Pop pencil give a groomed, effortless look with a few easy strokes. There are many shades to choose from, but now that I have gone grey, I love that I can find a pencil that celebrates my greys.

Win this winter with a fresh face. Break free from dull, tired skin with products that moisturize and add vitality to your look. Putting our best face forward starts with skin-happy ingredients. Yes, you can beat the winter blues with a little blush, some moisturizer, and a solid roster of go-to winter beauty products!


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