Clean Perfumes

Clean Perfumes

Clean Niche Perfumes to Add to your Scent Shelf

Scents have the power to recall past experiences and are often one of the things we remember after meeting someone new. Within the last few years, there’s been an influx of new perfumes that stand to become new scent classics. 

Exploring the elusive world of perfume is an unofficial hobby I’ve come to nurture since childhood. Growing up, my mother would take my sister and me school shopping in Dallas. Only at these big-city department stores could I find the perfumes that graced the pages of Vogue. When I was a teenager, Armani seemed to be the perfume of choice, so I chased the trend.

Big mistake.

That perfume left me with a splitting headache, a broken heart, and an empty wallet.

Eventually, I ventured to try Cristal by Chanel, and then Anais Anais by Cacharel. (Anaïs Nin and I have the same birthday so I was definitely intrigued). I also tried Calandre by Paco Rabanne, Chanel No.5, Charlie’s Naturals, and Lauren by Ralph Lauren. 

On the weekend my ex-husband  Neal asked me to marry him (a story for another day), he whisked off to Bvlgari to buy me the perfume Green Tea which every magazine editor at the time was wearing. This was the last conventional scent I wore, which was over 25 years ago.

My tastes have since evolved to appreciate more earthy perfume with a touch of floral; I’ve got a soft spot for rose. Perfumes that lead with rose offer a delicate and fresh feminine energy that pairs well with headier notes like sandalwood and oud.

I’m also a fan of “greener” notes like bergamot. The crisp herbaceous scent of green perfumes reminds me of my evening walks in Venice Beach with Rider Pearl, my old pup who many of you might remember.

Here are the clean perfumes that have found their forever home on my scent shelf.



In Fiore Essences & Body Balm

In Fiore’s essences take you on a journey of the senses. Meticulous attention to detail and unwavering devotion to the finest ingredients make these scents from In Fiore a top-notch contender for your collection. 

The In Fiore’s Essences were inspired by their scented body balm collection. I have been using the rose body balm (Bois de Rose) for years, so naturally, I gravitated towards the Rose Essence. The Bois de Rose Body Balm is a decadent deliverance of the essences of Bulgarian Rose Damascena Absolute, Madagascan Geranium, Haitian Vetiver Root, and Japanese Cypress in a concentrated balm. As a bonus, it leaves your body with everlasting hydration. 

The Bois de Rose Essence is perfect for unburdening the spirit and cultivating feelings of comfort, stability, and integration. Think of functional perfumes as cosmetic aromatherapy. They can support well-being and a balanced mind and body.

Henry Rose

Characterized by its chic bottle design and elusive scent names, Henry Rose is a clean perfume line created by actress Michelle Pfeiffer. The line is made with natural and sustainable ingredients, and it is free of phthalates, parabens, and other synthetic ingredients. Two of my favorite Henry Rose scents are Flora Carnivora Eau de Parfum and Torn Eau de Parfum. Flora Carnivora is a floral scent with notes of orange flower water, jasmine sambac absolute, and tuberose, and ends with a base of Texas cedarwood, vetiver oil, and amber. 

Torn by Henry Rose has top notes of freesia and muguet (think lily of the valley). It dries down to reveal notes of rose, violet, and jasmine. Torn’s end notes include sandalwood, vanilla bean, and praline, so it leaves you with a spicy, warm, and floral embrace.


When I want to feel grounded and recenter my thoughts and intentions, I reach for I am Verdant by Vyrao. Charged with Herkimer diamond energy and a bewitching scent, I Am Verdant envelopes one in a blanket of Italian bergamot, earthy moss, and effervescent citrus. It’s a scent that wakes me up and brightens my day.

Scent Recap

A fabulous perfume has the power to transform our mood and elevate our well-being. The niche perfumes I’ve shared with you are derived from the most potent absolutes and essential oils and are free of parabens and phthalates. I believe a signature scent is the finishing touch to your beauty routine. The next time you’re looking to add to your scent shelf,  think clean and niche.


Christy Coleman shares her love of perfumes and her favorite clean beauty, niche perfumes and fragrances of the moment. These clean perfumes and clean fragrances will delight the senses without toxic chemicals.